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Do you get pissed when other drivers do something stupid? Do you wish there were a way to let them (and others) know how stupid those people are?

BadDrivers_20141014_0005BadDrivers_20141015_0007  BadDrivers_20141015_0014 BadDrivers_20141015_0024

Well, after a little therapeutic venting, I came upon the idea to take photos of these idiots and share them and their brilliant moves with the world. (Don’t worry, faces and license tags will be obscured to protect the stupid.)

I know it’s not an original idea, but I didn’t do it to be original. I did it to help with my own personal demons when I’m behind the wheel. And, you know what? It helps. And it’s fun. So, there! 😛

Anyway, take a peek, share your experiences and drive safely.


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