The Beast goes for a swim

Yesterday, I took the Defender out to Windrock Park, TN.

It used to be called The Greasy Beast when it ran on used veggie oil. Now it has a Chevy LT1 V8 and runs on gas. But it’s still a Beast!

This image was taken on the top of the old coal strip mine at Windrock.Defender90BW_2

Because The Beast is my daily driver, I didn’t take it out on the “difficult” trails. Call me crazy, but I wanted to make sure I could get home. 😉

So, I stuck primarily to the “intermediate” trails. (I really wish WordPress would allow me to post videos, but until they do, I’ll have to take you to my website for the show.) The link below will take you to a video clip from one of those trails.


3 thoughts on “The Beast goes for a swim

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  1. Wow, what a truly gorgeous sound!

    I want a V8 again 🙂

    2 things though:

    1) You need a diff locker 😉

    2) You CAN embed videos on wordpress but only if you buy the video upgrade which is what I’ve done. 🙂 I’ve only recently started, it has taken a while to get the correct mounts to damp the vibrations from the truck so that I can use my mobile phone as an onboard video camera. My wordpress videos are here:

  2. 🙂
    Yeah, the V8 sounds wonderful.
    I have a Detroit TruTrac in the rear diff, but that’s all. I haven’t been able to afford a locker, but I think the ARB air locker is what I’ll get when my bank account permits.
    So, video is an upgrade? Does it work well?

    I’ll take a peek at your vids later today. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Yes, the video upgrade works really well. You upload the videos just as you would a photo, you can manually force a frame to use for its still image or let it choose itself then insert into a post just as easily as you would a picture.

      As I won’t be doing that many videos I can’t justify spending money on a proper video camera so I’ve been using my mobile phone, then using windows movie maker to edit the footage, convert that to mp4 format (using iSkySoft convertor) and upload the mp4 usually at 720p rather than 1080p as we have a slow broadband connection and I need to keep the files small.

      You can choose to default the movie to play in HD or in a lower quality. I’ve set mine to default to lower quality as most people in the UK only have very slow broadband connections and can’t play full HD movies without suffering constant buffering issues.

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