On Being Professional

On Being Professional:

Over the last couple of weeks of trying to book models and photographer assistants for upcoming shoots, it’s become very clear to me why professionals get paid so well.

Many people like to dabble around in a particular field and will claim to be “models” or “photographers”, but when crunch time comes and a job needs to be booked, it’s the professionals who get the job, not the amateurs. Why? It’s not because the amateurs aren’t talented. Many are. I used to be an amateur. That’s how you have to start. It’s because professionals take their jobs seriously and act like professionals before, during and after the job. They provide good communication, good follow up and dedication to their work. That’s what makes them professionals.

Me and my 94 Land Rover Defender during the 2010 Carbon Neutral Expedition
Me and my 94 Land Rover Defender during the 2010 Carbon Neutral Expedition

This series of experiences has actually helped me understand my own job better because I got a chance to see things from the other side. My clients expect the same kind of professionalism and dedication that I expect from my models and assistants and I am determined to give it to them.

I love my job and I’m damn good at it. I work very hard to make a living doing what I love. And, as long as I love what I do, I will continue to give my best. After all, I’m a professional, too.


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  1. So true and it applies in all walks of life.

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to order various parts for my Land Rover and some of the businesses I’ve dealt with have had such dreadful communication skills and lack of professionalism I was beginning to wonder if they were just running their business as a hobby.

    My local parts supplier took weeks to order parts in or forgot to order them at all because they were too busy attending shows or going to off road events. Another well known company failed to respond to email enquiries etc. There excuse being that they were busy and struggling to cope with workload but in reality most of the problems stemmed from simple lack of organisation and discipline.

    1. My local independent land rover parts supplier who are in the nearest town to me, lovely friendly bunch of guys but they seem to get upset when work gets in the way of their social life!!

      Then there was Exmoor Trim who didn’t bother to answer my email enquiry for a very expensive new soft top, even when I phoned them I got less than helpful advice.

      Then I enquired about ordering new headlining and door cards from La Salle trim only to be told they don’t stock anything so it will be six weeks delivery!!!!!

      I’ve got several thousand pounds worth of parts to order and I’m struggling to find a company that actually treats their customers with any form of respect. If they had any competition I’d be going elsewhere but sadly these seem to have a monopoly in their specific market sector.

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