Slow summer

This summer has been a bit slow for me for photography and even slower for Art sales. Usually this time of year is booming with real estate clients, portrait clients and summer events. But I’m not seeing it yet. April and May were decent, but June is falling behind. And I’m marketing like crazy (including a 20% off coupon to all my clients and Facebook fans). Maybe it’s me, but it seems like the more I market, the less work comes in. If I don’t do anything at all, the volume of work doesn’t seem to change. And I don’t understand that. I’ve been reading lots of articles about how to boost business, but haven’t seen the rewards yet.

So, what do I do? Well, I do what I do whenever I hit a creative block in my artwork… I switch gears, put the problems aside for a bit, and “distract” myself with a different creative outlet. This time it’s my novel.

Yes, I’m writing a novel. It’s intended to be a fictionalized account of my travels during my Vanishing America Project. Now, this is nothing new. I’d been planning to write about my project since it began. As a matter of fact, I’ve already published several articles about my journey and have dozens of pages of character ideas and vignettes that I collected over the past few years.

My original intent this year was to do a coffee table book (or two or three). But after speaking to experts in the publishing field, the consensus pointed to a novel having more potential. I guess art books just aren’t big sellers anymore. Anyone have any input on that?

So, when I get burned out on marketing, I pick up my netbook and start writing. And it’s actually quite fun. I write until I get stuck, then I work on getting un-stuck for a little bit. If I get un-stuck, I continue to write. But, if I remain blocked, I don’t get frustrated. I just put the computer down and get back to it later (sometimes days later). It’s a good release, and helps me approach the rest of my work with a fresher attitude.

Maybe I’ll post a sample chapter here soon. 🙂


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