Back in college at the University of Georgia, I was experimenting with lighting the human figure. I used a single lamp, a chair to create shadows and worked to create an almost three-dimensional sculpture in two-dimensions. I called the project, Bodyscapes, and hung 25 images from the new series in my senior exit show in the main gallery of the Art Department. After school, making a living took most of my time and, I shelved the artwork and hit the job market.

Bodyscapes by Holt Webb
Bodyscapes by Holt Webb

Now, more than 20 years later, I am revisiting the Bodyscapes series and modifying it a bit as I experiment with new techniques and lighting.

The latest evolution in the series is titled, Pastelè. That’s Italian for “Pastel” (at least according to Google). 😉

Each image is essentially as it comes out of the camera. No crazy Photoshop techniques. Just pure Photography. I do use Photoshop to clean up and color balance each image, but that’s about it. The effect (making each image look like it was sketched with oil pastels) is done with… wait a second… you almost got me to tell you my secret! LOL. 😉

Looking their best on large canvases, these Fine Art images represent a new, more expressive direction in my work. I’m proud of this collection and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Pastelè by Holt Webb
Pastelè by Holt Webb

Here is the link to the current gallery (I’m still working on the project, so I will continue to add images):


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