Image of the week…

Image of the week…
During college, I took a trip to Vegas with two of my best friends (you know who you are, Marc and Brandon). The town was dead during that month of December, and I was trying to get as much photography in as I could. I headed out alone in the wee hours of the morning, after a night of drinking and gambling, to shoot the lights of Sin City while nobody was out. (I’ll post some of those images later.)

Sunrise in the desert on the outskirts of Las Vegas
Sunrise in the desert on the outskirts of Las Vegas

This image, obviously isn’t the lights of Vegas. When the sun started coloring the sky, and the lights of town began to shut off, I drove out into the infamous deserts on the outskirts of town. I found a good place among the rocky hills to catch the sunrise and started to search for some good shots. I found several… an overturned VW beetle shot full of holes, an old oil drum shot full of holes, tin cans all over the place — shot full of holes… it was a regular shooting range out there. What would I find next, a “retired” mobster shot full of holes? It was sketchy out there, to be sure. When I found this stump of a tree, I set up the shot so the sun would come peeking through the gap in the branches.

Now, here’s the scary part… the entire time I was shooting, someone else was also shooting. But they were shooting bullets, whereas I was shooting film. I couldn’t see the shooter, but I could hear the shots echoing off the hills — and they seemed to be getting closer. I’d seen enough Vegas Mobster movies to know that I might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so when I felt I had the shots I needed, I high-tailed it out of there. I didn’t want to get in the middle of anything… much less catch a ricochet or stray shot. I rushed back to the hotel and slept most of the day away.

A few days later, I heard a rumor about a missing casino “employee”  who mysteriously disappeared the day I was out in the desert. Was that what the gunshots were about that day? I’ll probably never know. But, it makes for a good story, doesn’t it? I could see this being a scene from one of author Jason Deas’ mystery novels…

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