Image of the Day…

Image of the Day…
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"Aerial" view of the Salton Sea
“Aerial” view of the Salton Sea

In keeping with the “behind the scenes” imagery from my travels, I’d like to share a shot from the hills surrounding California’s Salton Sea. There is a wonderful story behind the Salton Sea (which I’ll elaborate on later), but today I’m sharing a different perspective. If you look closely, you can see my Land Rover Defender in the center of the image. I climbed up the rocky cliffs for a sort of “aerial” perspective — and I’m afraid of heights. The coolest part about this shot is the fact that this hillside I’m standing on is dotted with marine fossils. Yes, the Salton Sea used to be much larger and deeper… filling the valley you’re looking at right now. As I said, it’s a good story. 🙂


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