Image of the Day…

Image of the Day…

The PathWills Park, Alpharetta, GA
The Path
Wills Park, Alpharetta, GA

I spent a lot of time alone during my cross-country travels. But, that’s the way I like it. It allows me the time to slow down, experience what’s around me and contemplate the mysteries of the Universe. One night, while I had the motorhome parked in Alpharetta, GA, I took a midnight walk through the woods at Wills Park. It was warm, but had recently rained, so it was quite foggy out. I love the fog… not only for its visual effects, but for its auditory effects as well. Like snow, fog tends to muffle sounds… adding to the contemplative support it lends to the creative soul. I have several beautiful images from that simple little stroll — visual reminders of the peace and quiet that can still be found in the world. Would you like to see more?


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