Image of the Day…

Image of the Day…
In 2010, I was “lucky” enough to be down in Louisiana during the BP Oil Spill. Because of the work I had been doing with my Vanishing America Project, I was given access to areas around the Gulf that were off-limits to the general public and even some media. The Coast Guard took me out on a couple of helicopter rides over the spill site, they put me up on a a 65ft Cutter with some crew from NBC and other big media outlets, and Grand Isle State Park allowed me access to their beaches which were closed down for cleaning. I made a lot of good friends and learned the dirty secret that our government was trying to convince us that the problems were over, when in fact they were only just beginning. I know. I was there. I saw everything.

Hermit Crab in Oil #1from the series "Beautiful Images from a Disturbing Place"
Hermit Crab in Oil #1
from the series “Beautiful Images from a Disturbing Place”

This image is from Grand Isle. Months after the “cleanup” was officially deemed completed, oil was still washing up on the beaches. It would seep into the sand and also get buried beneath new layers of sand as the tide came in and out creating a fudge ripple kind of layering of sandy oily beach. If you look closely, you will see a hermit crab valiantly struggling to make its way through the oil and tar that has accumulated on the shore. The colors and patterns make for a beautiful image, but the life struggling inside those patterns makes for a disturbing scene.

This image is part of my “Beautiful Images from a Disturbing Place” series:


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