Image of the Day

Image of the Day…(I have to apologize for not posting this yesterday. Sorry about that everyone.)

Dunes by Holt Webb
“Dunes” — Part of my Bodyscapes Series

(click no the image to see full size)
This is part of a series I began in college, called Bodyscapes. I will be resurrecting this series and adding new images to the collection in an effort to finally complete the series. Each image is a two-dimensional sculptural representation of the human body, lit and composed in such a way as to suggest a landscape. This image, for example, is titled “Dunes”. When I first showed this image to my family, they asked, “When were you in the desert?” They truly believed it was a shot of sand dunes. And that is my goal with this series… to create a bodyscape that is suggestive of a real landscape… so much so that the casual viewer will become drawn in by the image in their own effort to categorize it.


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