I’m back…

I have to admit. I’ve gotten lazy and disorganized and haven’t typed a word in five months. So, I’m going to come back. But this time, it will be different. The bulk of the writing — the main theme of the blog — will be the relating of the journey of my Vanishing America Project. But, in between the stories of what happened years ago, I will sprinkle stories from the current day. Current journal writings that fit the particular theme, help illustrate a story from the journey or just happen to be important enough to interrupt the journey for. It may sound like a mish-mosh, but it’s a fun way to write (kind of the reverse of “flashback-style”). And, it inherently makes it easier to keep the reader’s interest because the story keeps changing shape.

What inspired me to do it this way? Well, I began reading Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. I only got a few pages into it when I realized that this is how I needed to tell my Vanishing America story. Tales from the trails with some current events to tie it all together. They can be directly connected to the particular story at hand or they can be loose musings sparked by an element of the story. Kind of “stream of consciousness” meets travelogue. So, sit back and enjoy.



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