I just got a call from one of my best friends. He called to tell me his mom is dying. She’s in the hospital and will be taken off life support today. If she’s lucky, she has one or two days left.

I knew his mom only briefly, but we got along well. And, I saw how much she meant to her son and vice versa. It was a simple matter of putting myself in his shoes to feel the pain and sadness he must be going through. It was easy to transfer those feelings into my own family and think about what it might be like to lose my mom. I cried for all of us. I also gave my mom and dad a call to tell them I love them. They were on their way out the door for another Florida road trip, but they understood. It was tough telling them without breaking down into tears. I didn’t think that my friend’s situation would have such an impact on me, but when I internalized it into my own future, it hit me hard. I do not look forward to that day, but this made me appreciate the little time I have left with my own parents even more.


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