Mixed emotions

I just found out today that my best friend, who is recently divorced, is dating some of the same girls I’ve dated. I’m proud of him for getting back out there and I’m happy that he has such a good reputation and rapport with the ladies (he can have his pick of most of the women in this town), but I’m kind of torn, too. Knowing that he’s been with some of the girls I’ve been with is, on one hand, a good thing — makes me realize that some of those girls aren’t really worth getting to know. But, on the other hand, there is one (and there may be more in the future) that makes me jealous. One girl I met last year. She was beautiful and funny and I went out with her twice — to my best friend’s house for dinner parties, actually. I liked her a lot and thought she might be a keeper. But, though I tried to make more plans to see her again, we never actually went out a third time. She said she wanted to, but I could never get her to commit to a date. I would try to reach out to her, but she seemed to be blowing me off in a polite way (and leading me on a little by continuing to tell me that she’d like to go out). Well, last night, my friend ran into her at an event and they hung out for the night. Seems she’s into him. I’m glad for my friend, but I’m a little upset for myself, because I liked her a lot (and, back then, I thought she liked me).

I keep telling myself that it’s okay… and since we never went out again, I have to assume that she just wasn’t into me. She also has a couple of kids. So I also try to rationalize her not being right for me after all. But, it’s still a little upsetting, because I really did like her. I guess I’m just jealous.

Story of my life. The ones you really like don’t like you the same way. And the ones who do like you that way are the ones that you’re just not that into. Go figure. Life’s funny that way, I guess.


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