Good kind of problem to have…

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m 42, but I look like I’m 32 (and I act like I’m 27!) And I don’t have any trouble getting dates. But recently, the girls who keep showing the most interest in me are in their mid-20s. Take last night for example…
I was working on some new pieces for my latest art series when I received a call from a beautiful blonde, who just broke up with her boyfriend, asking me to meet her and her girlfriend for drinks (she’s 26). I’d gone out with her before a while back, but I had to decline because I already had another meet-out set up with a beautiful brunette (she’s 25). On top of that, I have a standing date request from another blonde 25yr old for whenever we can make our schedules meet. The girls are good-looking, intelligent and we get along wonderfully.

Now, here’s the problem… I only have one night a week where I am inclined to go out — and I only have enough disposable income to go on one date a week. Three girls (young girls!) chomping at the bit to go out with me, but I simply don’t have the time or the money.

Life can be so cruel.


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