Strange Days

Today is just one of those days where nothing seems to fit or make sense. It’s like I’m just a half-step out of touch with reality. Running around as if I were in a very realistic dream but can’t quite keep up with the script.

It’s 37 degrees, very windy and overcast.

I worked behind the bar today, serving food and drinks to the small handful of folks who dropped in for lunch. After a while, the bar cleared out to just one 30-something couple sitting at a cocktail table. They were watching Mythbusters with me and were good customers, but very quiet. I tried to joke around with them, tried to be friendly, tried to be helpful, but they just had no personality whatsoever. The more I thought about it, the weirder it seemed to get ( kind of like a Twilight Zone episode but you just can’t remember which one.) But something was definitely up.

The service I gave them was impeccable (as they had my full attention) and the food came out exactly as ordered. The meal went off without a hitch. However, when I picked up the credit card receipt after they left, I found that they left me no tip. Now, if I give poor service, or something went wrong, or they are from a culture that doesn’t tip, I could understand being stiffed. However, they were American, had (from what I could tell, a good dining experience) and got great service.

To make matters more frustrating, the girl mentioned that she was writing a review on a restaurant review site (she didn’t say which one). I’m almost obsessed with wanting to know what she said and why they were such shitheads. It was bugging me long before they bailed on the tip, but I know it’s just a waste of time to research her review. I need to spend my time on what’s working well, rather than dwelling on what’s not working right. Right?


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