Facebook Rules the World!

Facebook Rules the World!

“With the improvements that Facebook keeps making, do you see the demise of the traditional business website?”

“It seems that Facebook is moving very quickly toward domination of the social and business aspects of the web — in a similar way as Google has been dominating the information aspect. Watch out web developers and web designers — yours may soon be an obsolete art!”

I had this thought as I navigated through the new “Timeline” format of my Facebook page. As a professional artist, what will garner me more traffic and more business? A killer website of my own for $500-$5000 where I have an unlimited amount of flexibility but have to market the hell out of myself to gather any kind of a following? Or a unique Facebook page for free where it will automatically tie in to my entire existing internet presence and network? Seems like it’s a no-brainer. The flexibility of the Facebook page is certainly limited, but having an internet presence is all about driving sales and reaching your target market. As an artist, my friends and their friends are my market. I love a beautifully designed website, but if it doesn’t help generate the income, I simply can’t see justifying the expense.

Just a thought.


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