Recovery and Renewal

Okay, so I didn’t go to bed until about 5:30am. A long night at work required a long time to wind down. I got out of bed today at a little past noon. I woke up expecting to hear the gentle pelting of a lazy Sunday rain, but all we got was wind. Lots of wind. Go figure.

Some time yesterday, a good friend shared a Keb’ Mo’ video with me. I’d heard of Keb’ Mo’, but had no idea what kind of music he played. Well, I have to admit, that one video made me an instant Keb’ Mo’ fan. Check him out at I listened to him before I went to bed and again when I got up this morning. Love it.

I’ve been working on some images from last night and posting them to my Facebook pages (my own and the restaurant’s). We had such a good time last night, and those pics remind me every time I see them. I hope they do the same for the people who were there. This is definitely one of the perks of my job — being able to take pictures and be as creative as I want to be with them.

I was thinking about going out today with the girl I met last night, but I kind of want to veg out at home. There’s a part of me that wants to savor my “down” time, my alone time, as much as possible before I go back to work tomorrow. I think that if I had two days in a row off, I might be more inclined to get my ass outside and get some things done, but only having one day off (and losing half of it to trying to recover from such a late night) makes me want to curl up and couch it all day. She has more energy than I do (seeing as how she went to bed three hours earlier), and she’s actually at a movie right now with some girlfriends, so she’s out and about. As a matter of fact, she invited me to brunch this morning… would have been nice, but I was still in bed.

I’m debating working out today, but I still have some remnants of that cold from last week. I don’t want to give it an opportunity to come back for another round. Maybe I’ll do a few exercises and see how I feel — nothing too strenuous, though. Speaking of workouts, my workout that I currently use is probably the best workout I’ve ever done — and I’ve been working out using various methods for over 30 years. It’s a concept of my own that I developed while traveling. It can be done anywhere (even in a tiny room), any time and by anyone at any level. Maybe while playing with this blog, I’ll create a special page dedicated to it called the “One Minute Fitness” program…

Okay, back to veg’in out.


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