Happy New Year

Well, I just got home from work. It was a busy night, a fun night and a weary night. My feet hurt, my legs hurt and I’m ready for bed.

The music was incredible. My co-worker’s band opened up (I’d never heard them before) and they sounded great. They could use a little more practice together to tighten up, but they still hit it hard. I was very impressed. The lead singer had an amazing voice and was simply blowing our minds with his range and perfect pitch. The second band, a local favorite of mine, killed it, too. They sounded good AND tight. I even sat alongside some of the “groupies” and sang along. Got some great photos, too.

Overall, we had a great crowd (though it consisted of a lot of people I’d never seen before), sold lots of food and drinks (almost $5000 for the day), and I got my NYE kiss. Well, it happened an hour or so after NYE, but I still got it. And with someone I was interested in. Not who I thought (and hoped) would show up, but someone I would like to get to know. And she was as giddy as a schoolgirl about getting to hang out with me. She kept trying to play it cool (because she’d had a few drinks), but she was bouncing around like a rabbit after we kissed. I think we might go out tomorrow.

Now, if you have been keeping up, our bar tends to get a good crowd of douchebags. What I mean by that is those guys (and girls) who grew up with daddy’s money, went to daddy’s fraternity (or sorority) and feel entitled to anything they want. They aren’t overly demanding, but they are certainly condescending. They all dress the same, talk the same and have the same haircuts (that no-nonsense style that never goes out of style). They make lots of money, tip poorly and think they are God’s gift. Have you figured out where I stand? Yeah, I’m all about personality, creativity and respect. They have none of that. So, do you want another D-bag story? Okay, here you go…

I was moving a table from the patio back into the restaurant and asked a couple of former fraternity boys to hold the door for me. They were members of the Douchebag Posse. Well, they were both hammered and talking politics, but they obliged to help me. I lifted up the table (not an easy feat) and headed for the doors. They opened the doors and…
here it comes…
wait for it…
they continued on into the restaurant, letting the doors close behind them! Yes, they stuffed me. But, what’s really funny is that they didn’t know it! They both stumbled into the bar oblivious to the fact that they had promised to help me out. When I got in I called out to them, but neither one had enough cells left in his cranium to remember who I was or why I was talking to them. They went on their merry way, collected their dates and began the arduous and tedious task of trying to track down a cab on New Year’s Eve.


Oh, the joys of dealing with drunk people. 😉

Oh (again), I almost forgot. My best friend got divorced last week (his wife cheated on him) and he came into the bar tonight with a new girl! Blew me away. I expected a little down time, a little moping, but he hopped right back in the saddle and was playing the role of the good-looking, rich bachelor like a seasoned pro! I was impressed, but I have to admit, it’s still a little weird seeing him with another girl. He and his wife were together almost 15 years and she was like a sister to me. As I said… a little weird.

Well, I’m going to wind down with a glass (or two) of wine and hit the sack. It’s starting to rain outside, so I believe I’ll stay in bed until some time after lunch. See ya tomorrow.


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