Here we go…

I’ve decided to skip the history lesson of copying old journal entries in here and just start from today. So, here we go…

I’ve been fighting a cold since Monday, drinking Gypsy Cold Care Tea non-stop for three days. Seems to be working. Usually, if I catch a cold, it lasts one to two weeks. However, with this tea (I drink it all day long until every last bag of tea is gone), the duration and severity of my cold is dramatically cut in half. I’ve been relying on this magic elixir for a couple of years now and have not been disappointed. I’ve also gotten good results from Yogi Teas Cold Season Tea, but it’s harder to find.

Fortunately, I’ve had a couple of days off to stay in bed and try to recover. It’s Friday now and I’m much better — only a few sniffles. And that’s a good thing, because tonight is supposed to be a busy night at work. Not quite as busy as tomorrow will be, it being New Year’s Eve, but still far too busy to be sick. On top of that, there are some girls who promised to come in and see me this weekend, and I want to make sure I’m sharp. 😉

If you’re wondering what kind of job I have where I have to work nights and get to hang out with pretty women… it’s not quite as exciting as you might think. I manage a restaurant. (See what I mean.) It doesn’t pay much, and the hours suck (I have no social life to speak of) but it’s all I have at the moment. And, the perks are nice. I’ve met more women and business connections through this job in 6 months than I have working other jobs over the past two years. Plus, it allows me the flexibility to work on my art. I spend my days off with portrait shoots and other kinds of photography and I nurture my soul by creating artwork out of my images. Maybe I’ll share some on here some day.

Here’s an interesting side note…

Since I’ve had this cold, I’ve been having some strange dreams. Mostly involving ex-girlfriends (and I almost NEVER dream about them!) I’m not on any medication, and there are no hallucinogenic properties to this tea (that I’m aware of), but the dreams are vivid and memorable. Not like those dreams where you wake up and can’t remember the details… no, I remember almost every detail of these dreams. If I’m up for it tonight, I might describe one of them when I get home from work.

Now, I have to cut this short. I have a few errands to run before I head to work. I’ll let you know how the night goes. 😉

…Okay, here’s the scoop. It’s 2:15am and I just got home. It was a busy, but tolerable night. Sometimes these things can get a little crazy with stupid drunk d-bags and difficult diners. But, tonight was smooth. Not much drama, but there was an interlude with some girl at the bar that kind of made me chuckle. As I walked past the bar, a foursome (two guys and two girls) were talking about Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. In passing, I asked one girl if she’d read it (anticipating telling her about my attempts and subsequent failures to get through that mind twisting giant). She turned and and stared at me, shooting me a look of either utter contempt or utter vacuousness… it’s so hard to tell the difference. 😉 Her friends nudged her several times as if she hadn’t heard me, “hey Katy, he asked you a question”, but she was either upset or simply oblivious (again, it’s so hard to tell). At first, I was offended, but then all I could do was laugh. Because… either way, when you really think about it, it all boils down to her either being insecure or too stupid to understand. Either way, she looked like a fool.
The highlight of the night was the drive home. It’s only 4 blocks, but I live and work downtown, so a lot of things can happen. About a block from my place, I encountered a driver going the wrong way on a divided highway. That was interesting. I saw him make the turn, and come straight toward me (fortunately, he hadn’t gotten up any speed yet) and I knew I had to do something quick. I immediately flashed my high beams and stopped, preparing myself to get out of his way, once he picked a lane. To make sure he saw me, I continued flashing my high beams… and so did he! So, he apparently saw me. But I still couldn’t tell if he knew he was in the wrong lane. Maybe he thought I was in HIS lane! That would suck! Fortunately, as soon as there was a break in the divider, he hopped back over into his own lane, so he obviously realized his mistake. But I have to wonder… was he drunk? And, if so, should I have called it in to prevent him from hitting someone further down the road? I’d hate to think that I could have prevented an accident… god, listen to me! that’s what 20 years of watching sitcoms will do to you — Delusions of Grandeur, hero fantasies, yadda yadda.
Alright. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

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