Why I’m here

I can’t tell you why you’re here, but I can tell you why I’m here.

I’ve been writing in a journal for years now. Not entirely consistently, but enough to create a life story out of a few thousand pages of musings, stories and remembrances. I had been doing most of my writing on a tiny netbook — those little bargain laptops that are so stripped down that they are only good for word processing and checking email. (They may be weak, but damn, they’re convenient!) I used mine as a replacement for the classic leatherbound journal I had carried around for so long. I loved the leather journal (as it sometimes served as a scrapbook), but it simply took me too long to write my thoughts by hand. I found that I type a lot faster than I write and so can get my ideas and stories down before they have a chance to flitter out of my brain and disappear into the ether. I chose this online format because I inadvertently downloaded a virus to my netbook and wiped out my desktop. Writing online all but guarantees a safer archive of my work.

That’s one reason I’m here.

The other reason is that I’ve found many of my stories and musings to be helpful to people — even people who don’t know me. Look at it this way… Whether I provide answers, advice or nothing at all, for most people, just knowing that someone else in the world has the same problems you do makes those problems a whole lot easier to deal with.

Oh, there’s also an entertainment value here. I’ve lived and interesting life so far, and though I’ve settled down a bit, those interesting stories keep happening. And since they keep happening, I’ll keep sharing them.

Read on and you’ll see what I mean…


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